​​First thing you want to do is measure from the corner of your house to the pipe that is going out of the wall (inside the house). Then go out side and use that same measurement, thus will help to determine where the pipe is. Take a small piece of rebar and poke it in to the ground until you hit something solid. This will likely be your tank. Try not to hit the pipe directly (as it can damage it). Start about 10 feet away from your house, then go every 5 feet after that. Be sure to find the two lides as there is two sides of your tank. Make sure you find both lids.


  • Know The Location Of Your Septic System
  • Keep Record Of When You Had Your Septic Serviced
  • Have your Septic Tank Serviced Every 2-3 Years
  • Clean Your filter atleast once or twice a year (if your system as one) 
  • Try To Conserve your water usage

​​How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Pumped?

Septic Tank Service in North Bay 

Helpful Information 

Septic Cleaning

​​​Maintaining your septic system is much cheaper than replacing it! We recommend getting your septic tank serviced every 2-3 Years, in order to help prolong the life of your septic system! 

How Do I Locate My Septic Tank?


  • Ever enter a septic tank 
  • Drive over or park on your septic system 
  • Plant trees on or near your septic bed
  • Flush coffee grounds, dental floss, disposable diapers, or kitty litter, sanitary napkins, tampons, cigarette butts, or condoms, gauze bandages, fat, grease, or oil, paper towels etc. 

How Do I Know If There Is A Problem With My Septic System?

The Do's & Don'ts of a Septic System

Septic Tank Cleaning in North Bay & area


  • Gurgling or slow-draining household drains
  • Spongy or unusual wet ground​
  • Plumping or septic tank back-ups
  • Sewage odor in the house or yard
  • Persistent problems despite pump-outs
  • Test indicating bacteria in nearby well water, streams or ponds
  • Build-up of algae and other aquatic vegetation in local waterbodies